Remove locked Class Names / Attributes

I find my self just changing everything back into code to just remove part of what was locked in the Class Names.

I bought bootstrap studio because I wanted to save time making some themes for websites and parting them together. It seems to be harder to accomplish this when the application gives too much I can't find a navbar(with nothing in it and not already having settings). I find some of the restrictions are making me want to just go back to coding. As I come from just coding the applications I'm looking for more control. You allow The adding for basic elements like

(Paragraph) with out styling but for the core bootstrap elements they seem too locked. I welcome others to list more things that need changing.


-Navbar locked to light and medium. I want it to be small and dark so It looks like "(navbar navbar-light navbar-expand-md) navbar-dark bg-dark navbar navbar-expand-sm". So I have two styles to my navbar. So now I have to test my application on every browser to check and make sure it grabs the correct style. Bootstrap 4

-Button I want the basic button. Locked class "(btn btn-primary)" it needs to look like this "btn". Which can't be done when btn-primary is part of the lock. Bootstrap 4

These are the main things I use in my website design. But if anyone else has more things where you are writing over the existing code or it is not possible. Please mention it. Also if it is Bootstrap 4 vs 3 cause a number of differences between versions.

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Thank you for the suggestions! When certain things are locked, it means that they are controlled from the Options panel in the sidebar. These are the settings available when the navbar is selected:

Navbar Options

They are pretty comprehensive and can do what you need. For having a button with only the "btn" class though, there is no easy way to do this currently, apart from converting to HTML. We can add a "None" option to the Button Style dropdown in the next release, so that only "btn" will remain.

what about dragging a div into your design and then adding the class btn that way?

you will lose the in built options that martin has show in screenshot above but may be a way to to overcome the default locked classes.

Thanks for the information about the Navbar. That seems to have everything I need there.

Also add a None option to the button would work. Calling it default(since it is the default style if you don't add one) would make sense. I'm personally using that style more often then the blue one for the designs I make.

I tried the div thing and it distorts the button and makes it more work then it is worth. I would prefer that the team builds the solution like Martin said they could do. The best option I use is to edit it out by converting to html before uploading it. But that gets really tedious very fast. I made this to find things that people do to work around(waist time) the software that is supposed to save them time.

Thank you very much

Thanks for pointing out that "locked" status indicates that they can be edited from the Options panel on the right. I was getting confused when trying to edit a Collapse element that includes a btn-primary class that I wanted to edit to include my own custom CSS classes.