Remove Locked Fonts from Project

Hello lovely Bootstrap Studio Community!

In my project, I have some locked fonts included in the fonts folder which I would like to remove.
How can I do that? I assume, they are somehow included in the template, but I couldn’t figure out where these fonts are requested from?


Thanks a lot for your help!

– Frederik

You must:
Export the project;
Access the Bootstrap.min.css file (project\assets\bootstrap\css);
Rename the Bootstrap.min.css file;
Open and edit the file by removing the first two lines and saving it;
Create a new project;
Import the renamed file as project theme;
Import the js file into the project;
Import the images into the project;
Import the fonts as desired.


Thanks, that worked! Appreciate the quick response!

– Frederik

I found out there’s actually a much simpler solution than what @gilmar suggested:
in export settings select “download all google fonts”

This doesn’t work, you can test by creating a new project.
The solution I presented was in response to the request made, even configuring the BSS in this way, in a new project you will not be able to remove these fonts by the BSS.