Removing column sizes

I’m a Bootstrap Studio noob, and for the life of me I can’t seem to see how I can clear the column width style for a specific size.

The style section for column is locked, so I can’t just go to the html and delete it, and there doesn’t seem anyway to clear it from the columns toolbar on the top.

I would even be ok with completely resetting the column width, I will really take anything at this point

Ok, I finally found how to do it. In the options panel, if you hover for the tooltip, it will tell that a middle click will reset the option.

Omg, middle click? I’m glad I figured out how to do it, but this is terrible UI. I wonder how many more things are like that.

You can select all the column widths in the column options

If you want to reset them, click on the reset icon (circular arrow on top right)


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I’ve found that the item lock is usually something changeable in the options pane.