Renamed file will still export

I have files forgotten-password.html, index.html.

If i rename forgotten-password.html to forgotten.html, follow files will already export:

  • forgotten-password.html (false) ← It was renamed to forgotten.html
  • forgotten.html (right)
  • index.html (right)

See Screenshot.

The app does not delete anything from the target folder before exporting a design, so if you have previously exported to the same folder, the old files will still be there.

I know. That’s not what I mean.

I delete the forgotten-passwort.html manually on my target, but if I execute the export, the file will still export, although it no longer exists in bootstrap Studio.

Looks like there is somewhere a reference in the BSS backend. Strange are. If i edit forgotten.html, both files „forgotten.html“ and „forgotten-password.html“ are the same content and both has my changes inside.

That’s strange indeed. Does that also happen if you export to a new empty folder?

Hi Gabby,

no, i have change the export location, now it works well. I’am not 100% sure, if my Mac restore the file. The export target before was a network drive, and macOS means, that’s not a ‘persistent’ storage…

Thanks for your feedback, gabby. I think we can close this issue…