Reorder JS files in the list so they load in the correct order

Currently, you have to delete and re-import JS files in the list in the Design panel to change their loading order. It would be great if we could drag and drop them to reorder instead.

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Reordering JS and CSS files is supported right now - just drag them by the icons. We should probably make it more obvious in the interface that this is possible. Maybe we can add some dotted handles, like we do when reordering Dropdown items.

So you can! My bad. I was trying to drag the names rather than the icons to the left. Dotted handles (on hover) as well as making the name draggable would definitely make it super clear. :)

Hello, I'm using version 2.4.5 (Windows 10) and I can't reorder the JS files using the Design panel. I tried using the icon on the left and the name.



Hiya fto..,

Sorry I missed your post completely somehow so this is late coming but hopefully you're watching for an answer.

You've almost got the idea, but it's not the name of the folder you need to right click over, it's the word Javascript (basically the category name) that you right click over. Then choose the reorder choice on the window that pops up. You don't drag in the Design window area, just in the window that pops up when you choose to reorder using the right click menu over Javascript.

Hope that helps.

Thx, That solved my problem!