Reorder multiple CSS tags or Insert at cursor

Would love to be able to reorder the CSS faster than what is here now. Or give the ability to insert a CSS tag entry at the mouse cursor instead of it always going to the end of the list.

Right now my custom CSS file is getting pretty long and I like to keep it orderly which we don't really have any way of doing this that I can see. That means it takes time for me to have to drag tags from the bottom to where I want them placed, one ... by ... one. Grueling if you've added a handful of them. For instance I've added a Yamm Menu to my project, but I have altered the CSS quite a bit to change colors, sizes, etc. There's a lot of replacement tags to replace those in the Bootstrap default CSS and it took me forever to have to drag over 15 tags from the bottom to near the top.

Would be more useful to have it allow us to insert tags at a specified location (if this is already possible just shoot me and point me in the right direction to know how please lol). But if that's not possible, the ability to grab multiple tags to move them would be just as good.

(Mac version) Sorry I forgot to add that in all my recent idea posts and It won't let me edit them. Just letting you know I'm on Mac version.

I know on a PC, if you mouse in-between the blocks of CSS a new thin blue line appears and if you click a new CSS block appears.

Sometimes I click on the triple dotted line at the right of a CSS block and select duplicate and then edit that new block.

Regarding the post editing. I noticed if refresh the page or navigate away, you lose the ability to edit your post again.


Thanks Saj, that works in here too now that I see how that goes. Most appreciated as always!

Feel free to move this to the help question area instead of the ideas area since it's already in there. smiles