Reset per panel section?

So I’ve seen ideas tossed around for altering the reset system or at least moving buttons etc., but what I really have a problem with is when I change up an area and want to put it back to the original, but maybe I have changed a lot of other things in between. Now if I reset, I resest everything, and I most certainly do not want to do that … so …

Is it possible to get reset buttons for each section? In other words let’s take the Options panel. I don’t want to reset everything in the entire options panel, that would be highly unproductive. I would love to be able to reset Column Options, and reset Text options, Tooltips, etc. all as separate sections so we don’t have to lose “all” of our hard work. Same for all tabs.

Not sure if this is possible or feasible, but it sure would help some of my headaches. :slight_smile:

In my options panel is a Reset All on each Section.
Where did you find a Reset All that reset the whole options panel

If I’m understand correctly, you’d like the reset system to be more discreet - meaning (if we use the Column Options section as an example,) currently clicking “reset” will reset Width, Offset, Vertical Align, Order and Margin Auto, but you’d prefer to be able to reset each one of these things separately?

If my understanding is accurate, then I agree with you 100%.

It might be tricky to implement this in a way that doesn’t create more clutter in the UI. Perhaps it could be set up so that clicking “reset” only resets the “sub-options” if they are expanded?

As long as we ARE discussing alterations to the reset system (and in the hopes that @martin will see this) I would still like to see the UI changed so that it looks like this…

This would create consistency in the UI, and stop me from accidentally hitting the “Reset All” text when I simply wanted to expand the section (which I’ve done numerous times due to my clumsy mouse hand, and aging eyesight.) The arrow is quite small, and much too close to the “Reset All” text.

I was thinking more along the lines of each section such as Column Options, Text Options, Tooltip Options ect. If it already works that way, then I’m happy, but I was afraid to check it to see lol. Didn’t want to reset everything in the whole panel.

I do agree it would be nice to reset things even deeper than that on a separate basis as well, but I’ll be happy with either way. :slight_smile:

Also, the reason I didn’t think it worked this way (in case it already does) is that there’s no clear visual to show you which area it’s resetting, there is only one reset button at the top of the panel that I can see.

As far as I can tell, the “Reset All” text only appears in a section if you’ve made a change to one of the default settings in that section. Otherwise it’s not shown.

Maybe the text could be Reset Section instead of Reset All

Ok, but, what if you have changes in multiple sections of the Options Panel for a specific element? Such as maybe I’ve changed some settings in the Columns, and altered some text settings in the Text section, and maybe even added some Tooltip settings … what then?

if you highlight a component in the overview panel
for example a paragraph then it’s only that paragraph that you reset with Reset All :smiley: (Reset All has another meaning in The Bootstrap Studio’s world) if you have 10 other paragraphs they will remain and not reseted

Ohhh ok well then this post is not needed, I totally misunderstood what I was seeing then. Thanks so much for the clafification guys :slight_smile:

Might wanna leave this here with an edited Title so others can benefit from it too. I’m sure I’m not the only one afraid to touch the Reset All button lol.