Resize images automatically

Hi, Bootstrap Studio forum !

I have a quick question. Does anyone know if Bootstrap Studio has a feature that would allow automatic image size optimization ?

I have quite a lot of PNGs to convert to JPG, and I would like to know if there is a way to do that automatically. Also, I have quite large JPG images. Is there a way to automatically crop them on export (to not uselessly eat bandwidth) ?

Thank you for your reading.


No there is no feature like that and it would be illogical to use something like that because you cannot base image size on the breakpoints, but rather the size the image takes up on the screen using different columns and container sizes between such breakpoints. Has to be custom work to be correct.

Thanks for your reply. I believe it is possible to base image size on the breakpoints using the srcset attribute. If Bootstrap Studio had srcset support with auto-crop, it would be so useful !

Bootstrap does have srcset support. You just type it in and set your srcset. If you have (2) columns in between a breakpoint and the picture is now half the size in one of the columns, how would you be able to write a algorithm to determine how that would be cropped ? You still have to code the srcset based on that outcome and that cannot be done on export.

IMO, you should optimize your image sizes before importing into Bootstrap Studio (or any kind of website builder, even hand coding.) Also, if you own Photoshop, it's relatively easy to create action scripts to convert images between formats. I think Photoshop even includes a utility under File > Scripts > Image processor which will allow you to batch convert entire folders of images into jpg format.