Resize Margin/Padding

It would be extremely useful if this feature could make modifications to the BootstrapStudio settings, saving them for the different ways the site is displayed.

I mean, modify the CSS and save it as a CSS query in the view used in the program when editing the margins or paddings.

In the extra small display (xs), the changes made to it with the help of the resource are saved for it, as well as all the others, this way we can format the website pages according to the display and the program automatically saves these settings.

BootstrapStudio Feature

BootstrapStudio view definition.


I don’t know if I was able to express myself objectively, besides using Google Translate, it often doesn’t convey the real idea of what I would like to suggest.

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I understood exactly what you meant.

This feature does (sort of) work the way you’re describing IF you change the drop-down from CSS Props to Utility Class (because Bootstrap margin and padding utility classes have breakpoints.)


When the dropdown is set on CSS Props, it adds the CSS as inline CSS which doesn’t support media queries. Assuming you extract your inline CSS to stylesheets (as you should), that’s the place and time to add your media query.

Thank you, this information helped me a lot with the current project.
When carrying out tests I noticed that there are some limitations, this way only the native bootstrap classes are edited, I think something more comprehensive could be applied to the program for future improvements, however, as I said before, your information was very useful!
For this reason, I believe, the forum is an exceptional tool!