Resizing and Modeling

Hello, so I thought that having a resizing for paragraphs or whatever instead of messing with the margin hight width etc.. Like WIX. And also the possibility to open category nav bars when using a downloaded one from the BootstrapStudio download center.

This app doesn’t need to have functionality like wix as it already has option to editing padding and margins via the css options panel in the right hand menu.

At least the resizing feature it’ll help loads!

The app isn't meant to be a "every novice that wants a website can do it with a click" setup like WIX. If you want things like that then use WIX, not BSS. You do need to have some experience with coding in order to use this app, and I for one hope they NEVER change that aspect of it. I can't tell you how many times I've cringed over the years when I've heard this person or that person deciding to be a Website Designer and the only way they can do it is using totally Drag and Drop apps to make the sites and update them. They had no experience at all with code and flood the app's forums with requests for help when they don't know how to do something that requires coding knowledge. Learn it, use it, do it right. Just my 10 cents :P