Resizing Items

Resizing Items by using the computer mouse.

To do what? Pretty vague request tbh

Example... change the width and height of the navbar, images etc.., resizing the frame size using the mouse without typing the values of the width / height ...

That's what editing your css is for, if you wanted to adjust the height /width of navbar and columns etc that that would be applied as an 'inline element style' which would be harder to manage in the long run

Hi Chris, Im thinking you missing the point,,, I want to use the mouse to adjust the values the width / height by dragging on the edge of the frame, It must read the setting from the frame width and height and adjust accordingly

No no, I get your point.

But unless the function will update your custom style sheet then it will apply the inline styling to your element as a HTML attribute which would overwrite your css (much like it does using the new feature if you use the rh menu options etc) to add spacing / sizing etc.

I agree that your idea would be a good way to control height and width of containers etc but also think it will encourage bad practices if that makes sense.

I totally think this would mess the code up immensely, or would be a ton of work for the devs to implement to keep it from messing up the code. One usually sees these things in sub par builders that the users have no clue about web design and the only way they can create a free or super cheap sub standard website is to use a builder that does every little thing for you. This usually means the website suffers from huge file sizes, huge images that the builder doesn't resize, only resizes the viewed size and the sites are usually slow and sluggish because it's not optimized correctly.

I am hoping very much that things like this do not get added. Yes it's nice to cater to those that have no experience, and it will make someone more money, but the loss of quality of the app in the end would suffer greatly to accommodate features like this.

You guys act if you own this software. You are discouraging anyone else to post ideas. Ideas generate better products, good luck getting stuck in the dark ages.

Supervan, far from it as if there is an idea submitted that I think is good then I will say, so no need to get defensive just because my opinion doesn't match yours.

If users on here thought about their requests and put far more effort into explaining the idea and detailing what the benefits are and how it could be good for others then it provides clarity on the idea.

I would have to agree with Chris. If the devs know what others think, that will most likely give them a more educated idea of what we want and don't want as well as what we do and don't like about something suggested or added. Just because we state our opinion, does not make up the minds of the devs, it just tells them our concerns with what we think an idea will do or not do and maybe they find ways to implement things that work around our worries of a feature. Its happened plenty of times on this app alone.

Thanks for the comments, folks! Resizing with the mouse can't be added unfortunately, as this will make it impossible to design responsive pages. But don't be discouraged to suggest ideas like this. They show us that there is a need to improve things.

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