[ Resolved ]: Grayed out Paste Inside, Before, After, Linked, etc

Prior to switching to ChromeOS, which uses Linux; I was on Windows 10.
I’ve never had the issue aforementioned in the Title before, at least not until now.

I’ve selected the Navbar I created, and was trying to create a Linked Component in another Page.
The option to paste it in anyway possible is grayed out, along with copying attributes and custom options.

Selecting any Component on the Page and selecting Copy, seems to not copy anything.
But, it does work when copying text.

Is there a setting I might be overlooking? or, is my Navbar too heavily modified, and the amount of data required to create a linked component is too much for BSS?

  • It does have linked JavaScript code, and Styles. But, I would imagine that doesn’t matter since it can handle many pages, images, scripts, and styles sheets.

My equipment:
Bootstrap Studio v6.4.1
Samsung Chromebook Go LTE
ChromeOS v112.0.5615.134
Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
System Memory 4 GB RAM
Storage 32 GB ROM
Intel Celeron Processor N4500

Can you try copying a component in Bootstrap Studio, and then pasting in a text editor? You should see the component’s HTML code.

Copying the component in Bootstrap Studio, then pasting it in a text editor does paste the HTML Code.

But, copying the component from Index.html, then attempting to paste it as a linked component in another page (about.html), whether right clicking or CTRL+SHIFT+V, doesn’t paste the component.

Edit: Didn’t think to try pasting it into a text editor. So it does copy a component.

Having an actual design to test on will help us reproduce the problem. Can you send your bsdeisgn to our email?

Yes, I will do that when I have the chance.