Responsive & Accessible Before-After Slider

Help Help !!!

Someone knows how I can do this in Bootstrap Studio Before-After Slider images

many thanks

solved :)

If anyone is interested, I shared a component (Before & After) made of some examples from the site.




I can't put text and button on top of the before & after

Could you help me?

many thanks

Hi @look,

Unless they have a version of their script that supports having HTML in the sections, nope. If you add any element inside the slider main container it kills the after effect. It's just how the script was written.

You can alter/change the wording in the Before/After spots, they are the "data-beer-label" attributes in the HTML.


Okay, @Saj

I'll try

Thank you very much


Please help me to implement above beer slider demo. It is exactly what I am looking for.

I have just started with Bootstrap Studio and my skills are not that good yet.

Step by step would be great if anyone would be kind enough.

I assume I need to add custom code component but then copying and pasting the code from that site does not

work as its suppose to. I believe it is because I also need to create javascript file or so I presume, but linking it may be the problem I am having for it not working.

Alternatively is there not a component that is pre-installed or available in the ONLINE section that I can download within bootstrap studio?


@almero, there is. It's call Before & After.