responsive behaviour "collapse" element


I have a sidebar with filters. I am using the "collapse" element to allow users to hide/show the div that it's wrapped in.

Q: how do I show the filterbar on large screens, and hide / collapse it on mobile screens (by default)? Is that possible?

Thanks :)

Use media queries

Thank you Jo,

I noticed that the "collapse" element adds the class "show" in case the div is expanded (and removes it when collapsed).

Isn't that done with javascript? I don't know how to do that with a media query.. could you give me a hint..?



You can hide it by using the Responsive Display settings in the Options tab. To make it expanded or collapsed at different breakpoints, you would need to use javascript to add or remove the classes at a given pixel width.

Thank you Printninja!

Indeed, I intend to have it expanded/collapsed at different screensizes, so my conclusion is that it cannot be done in Bootstrap Studio. So I will have it done in javascript as you suggested.

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