Responsive Embed not being responsive inside a column

Hello I’m trying to use a responsive Embed Video from Facebook inside a column but it doesn’t seem to be responsive as I would expect.

In between sizes the video pokes out of the side of the webpage. I have tried to fix this issue with media queries, but not succeeding.

The Parent is a Block going into a Container going into a Row going into a Column going into a Row going into Two columns and the Responsive Embed is in the second column, i.e. the Right column.

I used the procedure to change the Responsive embed into HTML and then add the iframe code from facebook in the div. Otherwise my Embed would be all white.

Thanks for your help :blush:

You should not need to change the Responsive Embed component into HTML. That’s probably why you’re having problems. When you use the Responsive Embed component, just past the Facebook generated video URL into the appropriate field in the Responsive Embed Options which you’ll find in the Options Panel (upper right of the BSS workspace) when you click on the Responsive Embed component.

This page may help you with the process

Also realize that many times you will not see a live video in the BSS workspace window. You may only see it when you preview your site in a browser (or in very rare cases) after you upload it to the web.

Another option would be to download the Facebook video using
then upload it to your webserver, and use the HTML 5 video component in BSS to add it to your website (this gives you the most control over the video.)

Or, you could download the video from FB, upload it to a YouTube account, and then try embedding it using the Responsive Embed component. Sometimes, videos streamed from YouTube are less problematic.

Ideally, it would help if you could post a link to your actual site, so we can look to see that you’re using the component correctly.

Hello and thanks for your suggestions. Upon knowing that the Responsiveness is supposed to work I went to verify the column and row parents and found details that were affecting the column where I had the custom code. Would not be able to share the site since there is a password for the development site.

Glad you got it sorted out.