Responsive images are small in Safari

When I look at my website in Chrome or Firefox, the images are all appropriately sized. When I (or others-- not just my computer being weird) look at it in Safari, most of the responsive images get messed up. One of them looks really tiny no matter the size of the screen and the rest have distorted dimensions. Does this happen for other people? From googling, I can't find any explanation or way to fix it.


Best to provide a screenshot so people can see your issue also provide code as well

Screenshots don't seem to be working. The links are here: How it looks in Safari (too small) How it looks in Chrome Bootstrap code

have you tried taking off the height attribute in your custom responsive class.

could be wrong here but if you are saying max height is 25% of the container the image is in, then on safari the height could be overriding the width.

the default is height: auto;