Retain BSS text formatting on paste

So I'm not sure how to word this so bear with me. One of the things I have had frustrations with from day one is every time I replace any text it always places in whatever formats the text had (or didn't have) so if it's just plain text being pasted, and the area I'm pasting into is set to bold, I have to always rebold the text again.

Is there any way at all when pasting text, for it to keep the formats that are in the project rather than what is copied? I would be extremely happy if it would do this permanently as I'm sure not many people are wanting to paste the copied attributes if any (not usually any since I tend to paste to a text editor first to strip any formats possible). This would be an awesome feature that I think many would be happy to have.

Even if you were to put a key binding for those that DO want to keep copied formatting like Shift+Ctrl+V to help those that may want the formatting periodically.

I don't know many cases where I want to keep the formatting of copied text, heck I don't know ANY cases where I do, so....

A feature that tells the app to automatically format the text pasted with the formats of the space it's being pasted to would be awesome!

P.S. This would make you one in a million for apps that would/could do this. Would save a lot of us a lot of copy paste time for having to first paste to another text file to strip formats, then paste into BSS, then reapply formats for the location it was pasted in. Lots of time saving if it could just auto re-apply the projects formats for that particular area. This would also help anyone wanting to start creating site Templates for BSS so that people using new templates could just replace the text without having to worry about reapplying formats (thinking web design illiterate here such as many of the clients that decide they want to edit their own sites. I will, after the project is finished, provide them with BSS information to get it themselves if they want to do this, and I then provide them with the project file, but they may not have a lot of web experience themselves and this would make it easier on them too.)

That would be some feature Jo, though it would probably be very difficult to implement on account of the many ways that text is formatted in different programs, and also via the web, not to mention different font weights. Personally, I do the same thing you do... any text I copy from any program or document, PDF, Word, or on the web, I first paste into notepad to strip it of any formatting, then I go back and format it how I want. On rare occasions, I'll copy actual HTML and paste it as code when I'm working in Pinegrow, in which case it retains the formatting, but even then I'm wary of stuff I grab from other sources because there are so many people out there who just write horrible code, or format things without any consistency.

An interesting item of note... I've been building an e-commerce site in Volusion (which I can't stand) and when I copy text from the client's old web page, and paste it into Volusion's editor (which is database-driven) it retains all the formatting perfectly, even code-wise. So as long as it was coded correctly to begin with, it works okay.

But most of the time I find it's the usual programmer's dilemma... garbage in, garbage out.

Yeah I hear ya for sure. What I want though isn't for the text to retain the formatting from where it was copied from, but for it to retain the settings that are in the paragraph or H or list etc, that I have in BSS so I don't have to reformat the bold. In other words, if it's in bold in BSS and I paste text that has no formatting in it into that paragraph, it is no longer bold. I want it to keep the settings that I have already set up in BSS. So in reality all it really needs to do is totally strip all formatting and apply the formatting from the component to it. Hope I'm making sense here lol.

When you copy text into HTML you don't ever have this issue, it keeps whatever because all your pasting is the text into the already formatted code blocks. I'd love it if we could just put the text into the HTML of the project, but .... Since we can't work with the HTML in a practical way in BSS, I would love it to not lose the settings I have set up in a project already for text formats.

Oh, I think I understand what you're saying. You mean if you have a paragraph element in BSS and it's got all bold text in it, and you paste more text, you want that pasted text to automatically become bold. I guess the reason that doesn't happen is because BSS creates bold, italic, underline and strike through at the character level, rather than at the element level.

However, if you have a paragraph and apply the Bootstrap .font-weight-bold class to it, then any new text you paste will be bold. Same goes for the other text utility classes.

I agree with printnjnja - I don’t feel the devs should play about with the paste formatting as it works fine as is.

Actually, if it worked fine as it was I wouldn't be asking for this. If we had the ability to edit the HTML, I wouldn't be asking for this either since I could just change the text there and not touch the code attributes at all.

Since I already have created a site (well many lol), I shouldn't have to keep putting my formatting back in place every time I change the text. It's extra steps that shouldn't be needed, and are never needed if I am working with the code itself. Having to add a class every time I want to use bold seems a bit of overkill if I've added the bold using the Text editor.

In the meantime I guess I don't have much choice but to constantly change the bold or other formats back if they were added via the Text Editor. This to me is a flaw, not "working fine as it is". I guess I could create a class called "bold" in the meantime as well, but as I said, that kind of makes the Text Editor pretty useless if it is only a one shot deal and has to be redone again if you change the text.

P.S. This is something that I have to do weekly/monthly for many of my clients who have file downloads, or mp3's etc. that get added weekly and monthly where I basically duplicate the last one to add on to a list of them. This means I have to change dates, titles, speakers, etc. every time. This means the Text Editor formats fail constantly for me. Maybe you don't change a lot of site text after it's created, but my clients do, a lot.

It does work fine jo - however it just doesn’t work for you in this instance for your usecase.

If you have to do this so much why not create yourself a component that handles all the styling and you just update the text?

I'm pretty happy with the way the text editor currently works in BSS. Its functionality seems to be on par with other website builders and desktop publishing programs.

It turns out that there is a bug in Bootstrap Studio's macOS version, that makes pasting always keep the original formatting. On Windows and Linux holding shift while pasting does exactly what Jo suggested. We will fix it in our next release.

On Windows and Linux holding shift while pasting does exactly what Jo suggested

Wow, that's news to me!

Yaaaaaay ty ty ty Martin!