Revert to the previous BSS update


Is there a way to revert to a previous version of BSS. I am currently using MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 which is not compatible with the latest update.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry that you’ve run into issues! The Electron framework that we use to develop Bootstrap Studio has dropped support for macOS older than 10.13. The only workaround is to download and install Bootstrap Studio 6.1.3 from our download page (scroll down to see old releases).

Then switch off automatic updates in the Settings, so that the app doesn’t upgrade to 6.2.0 again:

Hello, Is there a way to have a previous version of BSS running with the latest? In that way, there is an option to leave legacy apps as is and develop new apps with the latest version. I’m having a similar problem where some icons are displaying correctly in some pages but not in others since the upgrade. Prior to that, everything worked fine and is in production already.

I suppose you could try installing an older version of BSS to a different folder and see if you can run two instances. Dunno if this will cause licensing issues, or registry issues (if you’re on Windows.) I don’t think this software is meant to run multiple instances at the same time.