Right Click Main Parent Category

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if working as intended, but …

In Mac version: High Sierra

  1. When I right click on the User and Downloaded sections in the top left Component lists, I’m always expecting to get a menu that allows me to add a folder to that parent category. Instead all it does is open and close the section, both right and left click do the same.

    Would be nice if those 2 sections would give us the typical right click menu so we can add a folder directly to that parent category/section. Instead we have to create a folder within another folder and then move it. Just extra steps that shouldn’t be necessary and if worked as expected, it would give us the menu and seem more normal to new users as well since that’s the typical expectation of a right click on most things computer wise.

    Looks like everywhere else already has it implemented other than those 2 folders. I realize this is within a panel that also has sections that would not give a right click menu since they are not editable, but hopefully there’s a way to make it work.

  2. It would be also great if we could have a Duplicate option in those 2 sections as well. There are a handful of things I find myself duplicating and then altering what I need altered. Would just be an extra time saver for those things that we’ve added to those sections.

Thanks for any consideration you can give this.

Thank you for reporting this! The issue with context menus not showing is a bug related to some changes we had to make in relation to Favorites. We’ll release a fix in the next few days.

As for the second suggestion, with having Duplicate in User and Downloads, I am not sure what benefits this would bring. Components there can’t be changed, only renamed. Maybe you are thinking of a use case which we haven’t considered?

Ya, I have sites in both the BS 3 and the newest versions of 4+. I keep a set of favorites that I’ve done my own favorites setup with in which I put them into separate folders. Some of these favorites work for both so I’d like them to be in both areas. A duplicate option would allow me to create a new one, rename it and put it into the other section for the other BS version.

Another option would be to have the Favorites reflect (or better yet, not show) favorites that are not compatible. In other words, if I open a site and it’s version 4+, I don’t really need to see any of the favorites that are for version 3 since they are not compatible anyways. And visa versa not see version 3 Favorite in version 4 sites.

I ask this because it’s going to end up being a big long list of half greyed out items the way it’s set up now. Please don’t misunderstand me, I love love love the new feature. Just would like it to be more tailored to the versions the items are for.

Its going to be interesting how Bootstrap Studio handles this as the new Bootstrap 5 will require components (my understanding) with the new data-bs for attributes. This means components in Bootstrap 4 will be different then Bootstrap 5. I like the idea of more folder control.

We consider BS3 components to be compatible with BS4 because they can be converted. The same way BS3 and BS4 will appear compatible with BS5 (a BS3 component will be converted to a BS4 one and then to BS5).

We’ll see whether duplicating user components would be possible. For now the workaround is to add said components to your library twice.

It would be cool if we could edit saved components in our user library and then choose to overwrite them, instead of having to save a new version with the “-1” appended.

Even cooler would be if the overwritten changes to a component automatically updated any shared online components. Then we could improve online components (as opposed to replacing them) and not lose the download count, descriptions, votes, & comments.

This is a good idea. I think we can do this by showing a checkbox/option in the “Add User Component” dialog when we detect that a component with the same name exists (regardless of which folder it’s in).

This will have side effects - theoretically someone could upload a helpful component, earn upvotes, then replace it with a spammy one. This is one of the reasons why YouTube videos can’t be changed. It will be best to leave it as is.

So, another thought here since @martin didn’t say it “couldn’t” be done. What about an alert to those that have downloaded a component from the online components to tell them something has been updated with a possible link directly to that particular plugin? Or even without the link if that would be problematic, so we we could search for it as normal and update it if we choose to?

Also following this, it would be nice if there was a version history setup that the creators of components could state what they updated so we can decide if we need it. This way if someone is updating let’s say just languages and I already have it in mine, I don’t need to worry about updating it then.

I dunno, just some thoughts as usual :slight_smile:

YouTube videos are monetized, so their is an actual motivation for people to do something like that. What would be the motivation to spam the BBS online library in such a fashion? Nobody would make any money from uploading a spammy component.

I think the benefits to the users to be able to update online components would greatly outweigh such an unlikely scenario. And if someone did do something like that, just make a disclaimer that spamming the user library can result in revocation of one’s software license. I really think you’re imagining a problem that is highly unlikely. Honestly, we upload components to help each other out, not to get “upvotes.”