Right mouse button menu

Sure would be nice if a right mouse click would bring up a menu that contained:

  • "standard" editing actions (Cut / Copy / Paste / Clear ) while working with the input fields in the side panels (Components, Overview, Attributes, & Options). You could use Copy/Paste rather that abandon your mouse to move your hands to the keyboard. Basically, just let "Cut&Paste" work anywhere that you can key in information. I haven't used the keyboard to "Cut&Paste" for years.

  • a set of actions to help manage the hierarchy display in the Overview panel. The arrow works for one level but there are times that you need more. It would really help if the menu had Expand All, Collapse All, Expand Children, Collapse Children. By "Children", I mean all levels subordinate to the clicked component.

+1 on the Overview panel options needed, I have also requested this previously

For the Cut/Copy/Paste/Clear etc. I've also asked at times for various things like this, but the app is more concentrated on Keyboard Combos than mouse clicks so it would be beneficial for you to learn the keyboard combos needed for most things as I don't think they have plans to do much of the others.

Most of the basic computer combos are what you use in the app such as Ctrl+C=Copy, Ctrl+V=Paste, Ctrl+X=Cut and highlighting and hitting Delete on your Keyboard will pretty much delete anything you need deleted.

There are a lot of other keyboard combos/shortcuts as well. There is a list available if you hit Help/Keyboard Shortcuts Hope that helps! :)

I know all about the keyboard shortcuts ... They are a vestige of the days before pointing devices were common.

But for an application that prides itself in its Drag & Drop ethos, using the keyboard is anathema. Here in the 21st century, I doubt that one could find many apps (particularly editors) that don't provide Cut&Paste via a pointing device. And most editors, that are aware of hierarchical structures, provide multilevel Expand/Collapse (Fold/Unfold) capabilities via mouse clicks.

Of all the tools I use, BSS is the only one that is stuck back in the 1990s. I don't pretend to know what code is used to provide the underlying scaffold for BSS's UI. But I trust that the developers didn't take a "roll your own" approach and didn't code all the way down to the bare metal. It is likely(?) that the code for mouse-driven Cut&Paste is there and just needs to be exposed/enabled.

The "war" of keyboard vs mouse is long over and mouse (and nowadays "touch") has won.

BTW, I lost count how may times I used mouse-driven Cut&Paste while writing/editing this post.

Well you lose a lot of time with all that clicking then lol. I for one find these the most valuable ones in every program I use, not just this one:

Ctrl+X = Cut Ctrl+C = Copy Ctrl+V = Paste Ctrl+S = Save Ctrl+Z = Undo Ctrl+Shift+Z = Redo Ctrl+B = Bold/Unbold Ctrl+A = Select All

Those are standard for almost every editing program I know including image editing. I can't tell you the last time I bothered to use mouse clicks to do any of them above. Years probably. As far as whether it is outdated, that depends on your usage. There are many programs that still rely on keyboard combos to speed up the workflow, it's a known fact that it's just faster to do so. If I had to hit the File, then Save on the menu every time I wanted to save my project (which I do very often throughout my work) I would probably tack on many minutes of wasted time by the time I was done. :P

Different strokes for different folks. Use the keyboard if that makes you comfortable but let me use the pointing device if that works for me.

Well see that's just it. When I asked for them way in the beginning of using this app 1 1/2+ years ago, I was basically told what I told you, and the Dev (Martin) chimed in and said the same thing so .... I'm going to assume you should get used to key bindings and not expect the typical mouse click to do things. That's why I gave you the information about how it works.

I suspect that the multi-OS scaffold (something Electron-like?) that BSS is built upon just doesn't natively support pointer device interactions in an "editing space" -- and thus BSS doesn't support them either. I trust that the BSS developers haven't made a conscious decision to disable what has become a pervasive, IT industry-wide functionality.

BTW, I have been in the IT industry long before Ctrl+Z and even before the first multi-level undo commands were first introduced back in the 1980s. I honestly am used to the key bindings ... I just don't like using them. ...

haha yeah I have to admit it took me some getting used to as well, I'm not an IT person, but been working around computers since the late 80's myself, so DOS was a very familiar buddy lol. Kind of miss that actually, had so much power at your fingertips, more so than we do now I think. Anyways, welcome to the forums, and hope the app helps you as much as it's helped me and many others save time coding over, and over, and over lol.

As someone that remembers the 80's well, I think the answer to the omitted right-click menu might have to do with compatibility between Windows and OS X. The last time I used a MAC, there was a single "does everything" button on the mouse much like the iPhone. While Windows developers where encouraged to comply with a common User Interface, many programs like Photoshop, omitted windows features if the MAC didn't have an equivalent. I wouldn't be surprised if OS X was the target platform for Bootstrap studio and it's been ported to Windows.

All this is purely conjecture but I agree with Tony, implementing the right-click menu would be greatly appreciated and a big time-saver!

Bump (one year later)

As someone who has limited use of my left hand, keyboard shortcuts can be time consuming and frustrating. I tend to rely on the speed/ease of mouse right click to copy/paste with a single click rather then Ctrl+ So hopefully some thought will be put into considering adding mouse use for those that have similar issues as I do.


You might want to consider getting a programmable mouse with extra buttons that can be custom assigned keyboard commands like ctrl-c ctrl-v

considers that for herself too Might look into seeing if I can find one that is Mac compatible. Not an easy venture at best, but it could happen :)


Logitech makes plenty of Mac compatible devices.

Ask the BSS developers to recognize a right mouse click in input fields and pop a menu with Cut/Copy/Paste ... BTW, a similar "Right Mouse Button => Menu" behavior already exists in the BSS Overview panel ... and the actions corresponding to CTRL-X/C/V obviously exists in BSS.

-- OR --

Spend between $30 (7 button, corded) to $150 (11 button, wireless -- admittedly with bunches of (necessary?) "features") ... prices from Logitech site.

Ah yes, but ... compatible usually means that it will "work", but what usually happens is all you can use is the plug and playability and the extra functions either don't work or are extremely difficult to set up because Mac doesn't always recognize some of the Microsoft button combo setups so it just says "Unknown" lol. I just got a new mouse, was "supposed" to be a gaming mouse with lots of buttons and features. It is, and it does have them I'm sure, but unfortunately the little mini CD they sent with it has only a Windows version of the software drivers for it. sighs

Hey guys! Sorry for not replying earlier. Showing these menus is on our todo. It is not as straightforward as it seems, because it will involve rewriting how our right click menus work. We will get to it, but we have to ship a few other features first.

Awesome, glad to hear it's on the To Do list! Thanks Martin!

BIZARRE! It seems odd to me there is no right mouse functionality. I sit here with a beer in one hand dragging and dropping away with the mouse in the other and then have put my beer down to copy and paste something(annoying). I don't want to "Use The Keyboard" , I don't want to put my beer down. I don't think anyone is dragging and dropping components with the keyboard. I want to keep my right handed hammer and not be forced to buy a left handed one. Please!

PS: Have "Notify me of follow-up replies via email" checked as default.

I would have to concur a little bit (not a lot since I'm an avid key puncher lol. I think it would be simple to just add a copy/paste button to the edit bar actually. Plenty of space there yet for adding some more functionality.