Right to Left support? (RTL)


I am considering shifting my project into Bootstrap, problem is it's in Hebrew, which is right to left. How much time will that cost me-- or another way of asking is where does Bootstrap stand right now with RTL support?


Hello My Friend i think We Should Do This By Self :|

Me to, I would like very much to finally receive an answer for this question. I bought today the product but it does not support the "direction" and "float" VERY BASIC CSS attributes! And there's NO ANSWERS (although there's questions, unanswered) in the forum about the issue!

Float and basic CSS work just fine, you have one issue that doesn't work, that doesn't mean that everything doesn't work and if you cannot get those other things to work that is User Error because you didn't bother to watch and read the tutorials. Go do that and that will help you get the basics understood. The forums are mostly users so if you post something in bugs that doesn't always mean you're going to get an answer, just means that that is where the Devs can look to see what has been reported. Most times someone comes and answers if someone knows the answer. The devs come in periodically to check things but it's not their support forum it's a user support forum. If you have something you need to tell the devs directly you need to use the Support link and email them.

I know know about direction thing, but you have reported it already, and it's reported by someone else that you also posted in Idco so I think they know. The question will be do they support that or not, and I cannot answer that as a user.

Try some patience, they have a new build coming out I believe this coming week so they are extremely tied up with that. One thing I can tell you about their builds, they don't treat them like most of the app companies out there that release half-assed working apps. When they are released here, they work. So give them some patience and space so they can get that build out and if they haven't already seen your posts by then, which I'm sure they have, then they will address it at some point after that.

hi guys,

having never needed to do this before myself i read up and tried a test and think i got it to work even tho direction was marked out with a red line. i simply did this:

  1. opened a new design
  2. chucked some dummy text into a design
  3. duplicated the p class into my own css file
  4. then added the following:

    p { margin:0 0 10px; unicode-bidi:bidi-override; direction:rtl; }

as i say the direction will strike through but it did work and my text went to RTL

try and see if that works for you, note - you may have to do the same with headings aswell

@jo -

Well, let me disagree with you, this “one issue” is a crucial issue for somebody’s work, the main issue here is that we are not talking about an open source software, we are discussing proprietary software (even if is cost as cheep as is, it’s still a paid product), so when I buying a tool for some specific work I can’t wait until somebody will do me a favor and answer me some important questions concerning the work in the software in a six months, and not even the day after - I have clients and dead-lines, and I have to decide quick witch tool will be the best to make specific work. I use mostly open-source software for my work, so I’m sure not lacking of patience, but when you buying a product you expect to have some quick feedback, this is a part of the product you’re buying. I hope in the nearest future we’ll have a good, stable product that can feet a production pipe-line. PS: and some more tutorials as well…

@Chris - Hi, yes, it’s actually can be implemented but you can’t preview it, and the question it’s not only about text, it’s all about that the software it’s just not ready yet to do some things that supposed to be the simplest and quickest for RTL users – just for instance: change the brand name from left to right…

Hey guys, I think this discussion is starting to sound hostile. There is no need for this - as we discussed in another thread, RTL is not supported in Bootstrap Studio yet. So if you need RTL, Bootstrap Studio is not the right tool for the job. We will be improving this over time.

I am curious to see how other visual design tools handle RTL. @ldco, do you have experience with this?

@Martin Angelov -

Really sorry if it sounds hostile, I’m not hostile in any way, after all it’s software we talking about, not politics…

About visual design tools I've spoke in another thread – the “SVG support”, again, as a graphic designer and not a coder I’m really lacking off VISUAL software (more precisely – visual software that actually works and can be used in professional pipeline), but it’s a whole another big issue, it’s evolving to much things – history of internet and all it’s patent wars, starting from netscape navigator till now - the so-called “html 5”, it’s evolving also some ethical issues like open-source or proprietary web-technologies... We can open a special thread for this.

I had similar issue but when i exported the project and removed the css property "mr-auto" and set the "rtl" property, it worked.

This appears to work, like Chris stated.

.navbar, .navbar-brand, .nav-link, .dropdown-item {

The Navbar switched order where the brand was on the right and positioned to the right as well and then the brand wording was switched and the nav links and dropdowns links. Both in the app and in preview.

I would suggest making a class for it i.e. rtl and put the class where every you need it to be.



Last release 4.1.7 supports Hebrew,Arabic (RTL) ?