Bootstrap 4.4.x has some new layout methods that should save time.

Care to elaborate?

Row columns Use the responsive .row-cols-* classes to quickly set the number of columns that best render your content and layout. Whereas normal .col-* classes apply to the individual columns (e.g., .col-md-4), the row columns classes are set on the parent .row as a shortcut.

Use these row columns classes to quickly create basic grid layouts or to control your card layouts

You can also use the accompanying Sass mixin, row-cols():

.element { // Three columns to start @include row-cols(3);

// Five columns from medium breakpoint up @include media-breakpoint-up(md) { @include row-cols(5); } }

Yes, this will be a time-saver. In fact I could have used it last night!

No hay problema....



Thank you for this suggestion! We will investigate incorporating them in the row's options when adding support for Bootstrap 4.4.