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In a bizarre way the software does not recognize CSS's "direction" attribute. You can although put it as a custom code in the HTML and it will be shown by the browser, but you can't preview this in the software's UI. Another thing is the lack of reasonable tools for change the components position from left to right - as the branding in the header for instance. I spent quit time to put it on the right side - trying every CSS possible - in vain, strangely I achieved the goal only in the mobile view, although that the only code I DIDN'T touch was the "media" parts...

Sorry that you've run into problems with RTL! As you've observed, RTL is not supported in Bootstrap Studio right now. This is a complex set of features that will involve a lot of changes to how our app operates. We will be adding support for this, but at the moment we have our hands full with lots of functionality that users have requested. The only workaround at the moment is to design your pages LTR and convert them after you export.

Well, yet it’s not a real workaround as it makes a double work, it can’t fit a professional work-flow. I’m hoping to see a release with RTL support, I will definitely buy the software. Best regards.

As Bootstrap Studio depends on the Bootstrap framework, we won't be able to ship RTL before they do. You can track their progress here: https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/18184

Well, they are not quite ready to response… I didn’t knew that bootstrap does not support RTL, I worked with based on bootstrap WP themes (witch worked well as RTL), so I thought it’s not an issue...

@idco - have you seen my response here

RTL support thread

When I preformed my test the direction class was crossed out but the text read from right to left