Running slow and lagging/stalling here and there

I’ve notice with the most recent build on MacOS Monterey that even changing the smallest things like text or renaming files takes a long long time to process. I tried turning off the Preview as sometimes that can be a nuisance for some things, and it seemed better but then just started back to the slowness again right away.

Changing pages is also very slow. I have a lot of apps running when I’m working, but no more than I usually do when it isn’t slow like this so I’m not sure what’s causing it. I can’t find a way to track it down so any suggestions would be helpful to stop this, it’s almost unusable at times.

I take it you can’t roll the O.S. update back to the last version? I feel bad for your dilemma. This is why I’ve resisted upgrading to WIndows 10 for so long. I can’t stand the idea of not being in control of when the tools I use to make a living are modified. :pouting_cat: