same css for all pages

Hello, if I copy a page or the content to another page, then the css are not taken over.

Is there a trick ?

Actually the CSS is definitely carried over to all pages. Every page uses every CSS, JS and CDN that is included in your list of files. If the CSS is there for one page, it's there for all pages.

Can you give us a better idea of exactly what you? Maybe some of us will have a better idea of how that happened for you. Also are you on the most recent version of the app? And what OS are you on?

Hello and thanks for the answer.

For example, if I copy the heading from page 1 to page 2, the same CSS will not be used.

Windows 10 Bootstrap Studio 4.4.8


It's the CSS I have in custom.css that won't be adopted.

If you are creating a heading in page 2 and you are just copying the text from page one and not the entire component (h, p, etc) then no, it won't have it because it doesn't have the class in it yet that you have in the original.

I'm guessing that maybe that's what you are doing? In order to have the title or text or whatever it is that you styled, have the same look as another one, you need to either copy and paste the entire component (H, P, Col, Row, etc.) or add the classes to them manually that you have in the other page.

If you are already doing the latter and copying the whole H component or whatever component and pasting it, then could you share your project with us? If you can upload it to your server and give a temp link here so we can download it and take a look that would help. I don't have this issue at all, haven't ever had it. I am on a Mac, but I've never seen anyone ever post this so I'm going to assume it's user error so to speak and maybe just not realizing how it works yet. :)

Hello and thank you very much for your answer.

I think you're right. I have tried it again several times and it works. I just have to make sure I choose the right component content.

I'm so glad to hear that's all it was hehe. Trust me, we've all been there! :)