Same version of BS but styles are broken


I wonder why the styles get broken despite using the same version of BS? Is there a Custom CSS that gets exported in the BS min file? I’m trying to combine one template with SB admin but styles get broken when using the same version of BS file in both.

Is there a Custom CSS for each template, any tips to resolve this?


If possible can you send a screenshot or a website link so we can get a better idea of what problems you are running into?

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Sure, I can explain to you how I did and The SB Admin template is here. Booking App

I have loaded the BS, Nunito.css, and fonts in react app like this.

Its reset of scripts is loading from the public folder.

Even though the scripts are correctly injected and there are no errors why the charts aren’t working?

…and the 2nd template that I’m using from the front page is the startup that you can see here.

I have included all its scripts and styles except the BS CSS and JavaScript files but it’s broken as you can see compared to the original one that’s why I was wondering if there might be some custom styles that didn’t get exported to work both together having the same BS files without modification. :thinking:



Thank you for the screenshots! You should check the browser console in case there are JS errors. This is likely what’s breaking the charts.

As for the CSS, I am afraid that the templates in the app use customized Bootstrap that includes template-specific styles. Replacing it with standard Bootstrap will lose the customizations and some elements won’t look right. Combining two templates is also unlikely to work without manual clean up of the styles.

There are no errors at all you can see them on your end too. What you’re suggesting that’s exactly my question, apart from the BS default styles, where could I find custom styles to load them to fix the issue?

If you want chartjs charts in your react app you need to install and import chartjs

This is so frustrating that have spent time making it in react and now it’s broken. Any suggestion that I could load the admin template in BS Studio and change the styles that could follow from the other theme? :frowning:

Now I have added the styles of template to the project and it loads them fine, have a look here. Any help how could I adapt the admin template to the template so at least it’s not broken?