Sass issue after updating to 4.5 -- MAC with OSX Mojave --

Hi there

i'm experience an issues after bootstrap studio are been updating to latest version 4.5, and all my classes written in the scss files seems are not applied anymore. i guess it is a sass related issues cause all my classes are on a scss file, if i move them in a css file they works well.

bstudio-sass seem to be properly installed at the following path: /usr/local/bin/bstudio-sass (which is pasted into the BSS design preference) and it was installed using npm install.

i've no many skill on system config, am i missing some steps?

important note: before the update everything have been working well, i was able to use my classes written in my scss files, colors imports, etc.

----EDIT---- There is no UI error message such as "SASS Compilation Erorr" it "just" doesn't apply the classes, both on BSS canvas and on the browser preview as well :(

any hint can be helpful.

Thanks guys, you are awesome.

Sorry that you've run into problems! Can you try publishing your design online and sharing a link so we can inspect what's going on?

Hi Martin,

thanks to follow up to this topic

i have a good new, i've just resolved the problem :)

basically i created (to do some test) a file animations.scss which is only including this useless code

@keyframes fadeIn
to { opacity: 1; }

this animation.scss file have been importing into another .scss file using @import "/animations";

beside to another import, the classic @import "/colors";

so the struscture was:

   @import "/colors";
   @import "/animations";

By deleting the file animations.scss from the project and by removing the @import "/animations"; from the other style .scss files everything is come back to the normal state.

I don't know if I explained it well :)

thanks again for your attention and for the great work you guys doing on Boostrap Studio. It worths the money spent.