Save custom components over devices

I work on my desktop at home and on my laptop elsewhere, I work on the same projects and have BSS on both machines but my custom components (which I have a lot of on my desktop) aren't available on my laptop. It'd be nice to have custom components saved to my lisence if possible so I can use them accross devices and have them synced.

+1 And although it's been asked for a handful of times before, this is one of those things that's pretty much a necessity in order to take your work to various places. I know for me I spent a month and a half at my son's house last year and during that time I had to postpone all work because when I got there I found out then that although I had all my files an apps, I didn't have a lot of the premade components that I had saved for my clients. Being able to have full use of the app is a must in web design. Hope this will get some attention.

Search your computer for a file called userPackages

This contains all your custom made components Bootstrap Studio components. The exact path on your computer will vary according to the OS, but you can copy this file, and put it in the corresponding folder on another computer where BSS is installed, and you should have all your custom components. I haven't tried this personally, but this was the explanation given by Martin on another post some time ago.

The only other solution I can think of is to create a new website (.bsdesign file), put all your custom components in this website, and then save it in cloud location like Google Drive or Dropbox. Then (in theory) you should be able to open that website in BSS on another computer and have all your components - albeit in the website. Then you'd have to save each one as a custom component to the BSS user library on the other other computer.

You can export the user components folder (Right Click) to a flash drive then use the import option on the other pc. You can select them all at once in the pop up window to import them. From what I tried it can be done from any open website. Doesn't apply for downloaded components.

Yeah unfortunately I want all of the components in my Studio tree to be available, not just the User ones, but that would be helpful at least part of the time.

@Printninja there is no file named that on my Mac at all. Any other suggestions of what it might be called? Also, does this contain all User and Downloaded components do you know?

I export all my components to a google drive folder on my hard drive that is synced to all my devices.

If you want to export a downloaded component , make a new blank design and drag the downloaded componet into your design. right click on the component and choose add to library. give it a name and save it. Then you can export your downloaded component too


Sorry, I don't know what it would be called on the Mac, but I know who would know... Martin! He's the one who posted about the userPackages file somewhere else in the forums.

I sorry, I do not know for sure what this file contains, as I've yet to have a need to transfer my components to another machine.

On my windows pc the userPackages file is in Users/yourusername/appdata/roaming/bstudio There's also a file named downloadedPackages. I've not tried copying them to another machine but I'd assume if you copied both of these then you'd have all the components. Only a thought though.

I posted on Martin's original post in the Help section and hopefully will get more info on this. I checked his link from there but it leads only to the Windows info, so would be nice if the Mac info were there as well.

How to Reveal the Library Folder in macOS

Ahh yes that helped a lot Kuli, I had forgotten to add the hidden system files setting to my search criteria and that did find the file for me. Now I just need to find out if that includes the downloaded or not. Thanks!

Windoze does the same thing... hides system folders so non-computer folks can't accidentally delete important files. Fortunately, Windows provides a way to show hidden "system" folders by default. It's one of the first things I do on after I install Windoze on any of my machines, so I forgot this feature even exists.

Yeah, I have it turned on on my Mac and my gaming Windows machine, but for Mac you have to actually add the choice to the menu for searching for system files and I had forgotten to do that in the search setup :/