Save fails and loses updated file, BSS 4.1.6

I'm creating an 11 page website in BSS and am adding images to 'Filterable Gallery with Lightbox BS4' in one of the pages which currently has 164 images. There have been no issues with previous version of BSS but now, after adding just a few images to the lightbox, save fails and I am left with a menu bar, a totally grey window and 'Unsaved' in the title bar. It is possible to click on the menu bar and see the drop downs but clicking on them has no effect.

From memory, adding two or three images allows a successful save, but adding something like 12 elicits the failure.

This has happened twice now and so I am reluctant to undertake any more development until the issue is fixed.


I just posted my site. I used the same Lightbox.

When setting it up...I did have the same issue with a continual "working" icon. I found a few errors in paths in the html and a couple missing image files...corrected and double-checked all...the problem went away.

Working well for me now...see my link... My new business site...using Lightbox for my Gallery. There are 300 images...about 100 Mb. I ran all images at about a size of 800X with a little file optimization automated through Photoshop Image Ready.

There is a little delay for the gallery loading, but the effect when it's loaded is pretty cool.



DUH...that's... Learning how to type here...smiles.

Have you added a number of additional images into the lightbox since upgrading to BSS 4.1.6 and then saved the design?

@Heinekn: I would very highly recommend you resizing your images to fit the areas you're adding them to rather than some of the huge huge ones you are using for small spaces. That will make your mobile users a whole lot happier and will make desktop computers open your pages faster too.

For some reason sometimes, the save wont save the work. Instead, It will grey out with saying "filename (Unsaved)". I then have to close Bootstrap Studio and loose all my update.

@jhetpatel That is what I am experiencing.

I also have been caught several times with a crash with un-saved work. You learn fast how to be clicking that SAVE button OFTEN.

Same thing here. Almost sure it's a consequence of the last uptade (4.1.6, the one which was meant to correct some bugs :o ).

I have been asked to reinstall/reset the app by BSS and it appears to have solved the problem. Instructions are at

Cancel that last post! Although I have had improvements in being able to add images, I have been working on .js and .css files as well as the html code itself for some time now and I have had the fail-to-save with the blank window again.

I understand that this should be solved with a new release by the end of the week. Fingers crossed after much wasted time.

We released version 4.1.7 today with some performance and memory improvements. Once you upgrade to it, be sure to post if these issues are resolved.