Save the license key elsewhere

My suggestion is to save the License Key as an encrypted asar file into a user defined location to allow us to use the app from a pen drive. Or allow us to connect via app to your website and login to it to use the Studio everywhere. Thank You!!!

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Making a portable version of Bootstrap Studio is not impossible, but it would open up issues with the way we count the three computer limit. I like the idea with the web version better. We already have an (almost) functional web demo, so we could make a browser edition in the future. We have a lot of work before this is a possibility though.

I thank you for the answer. A browser edition would be most appreciated. In the matter of fact, it would open plenty interesting possibilities, like to link with Github, or Bitbucket, and use them(the repositories) as a user defined component container, or to integrate with online IDEs such Cloud9, Codeanywhere, etc. I look forward to see the demo becoming a true usable online app. Regards.

If Bootstrap Studio is only a web-version... I will quit with Bootstrap Studio!!!

MY data has to be on MY computer.

I don't want to be denpendent on any browser or internetprovider.

these online updates and online registrations I can accept a bit. But if a software can not run without an internet connection - it is kicked off my computer!!

This was one of my first test with Bootstrap Studio: Install - register - turn of the internet. It works, so I can use it.


Even the software would be so good yet and even if it still saves a lot of time and money.

Dependent of an online service - no thanks.

I agree about using it as a client app without the need of the internet connection, how it is right now. However the suggestion is to allow to use it at different places as well, it's not an exchange, but another way to use it. And if you don't want to use elsewhere, it's your decision. But what if I want to use everywhere, can I?