Scripts and scripts tab

Is it possible to move the scripts tab to the top of the page so it is a larger tab to edit in? I've tried pulling it up to the top with no success.

Can the custom scripts file that we create in the editor be edited with an outside editor rather then within the Bootstrap Studio UI?

Thank you

The developers are looking into giving us the ability to move the tabs in almost anywhere. Just going to need to wait for that update when it comes.


Thank you for the reply. This will be a very helpful feature.

You "should" be able to drag the entire editor section at the bottom to the top. You can't just grab only the Scripts area, has to be the whole Editor window area, just grab the top of the editor section and it should drag up and give you a lot more editing space by covering a lot of the preview area and it should drag all the way to the top of the preview area covering it completely. At least it does on Mac computers.

Likewise you should also be able to drag the divider between the HTML and the Styles window left and right to allow for more room on either side as you need it. The editor isn't too bad for CSS and JS, just HTML is a pain lol.

Also, yes you can edit the CSS and the JS outside of BSS and reimport it. Just be aware that it cannot do any "comments" so if you add comments to your files externally they will be stripped when imported. Hoping to see that feature added some day to be able to use comments in all areas, but for now we can't so ....

Hope that helps. :)

I know this might sound like a silly question, but can you make a short video or show some images of this tab move? I trying everything I can think of and cannot move the tab other than from the left and right.

So as far as outside editing, you can't do this live then correct? You would have to edit the file, import it in and do this all the time correct? If that is what you mean then it would be quite hard to build doing that.

Thank you for your reply.

Oh! I just realized what you are talking about. You mean that we can resize the bottom section to cover the staging area. Yes, that is helpful and when I work with dual monitors it helps. I preview via the browser on a different monitor than I'm running BSS. Still, the issue with that is you cannot take up the full screen. You are still limited with also having the HTML screen in view.

Sorry I didn't get back here to see you ask for the video or I surely would have. Also keep in mind as I mentioned, although you can't block out the HTML area completely, you can slide that over quite a ways to help free up more space horizontally. It's not perfect I know, but better than it was right? :)

Also yes, you are correct that you cannot edit outside of the app in any "live" type setting, only edit and reimport it etc.