Scroll bar on bottom

Hello can someone please guide me into how to fixed the scrolling bar on bottom when I resize in any
browser to check my website!. I have attached a screenshot.

just is case the site is:

Checked my desktop, mobile Firefox, mobile Chrome and doesn’t do that to me at all.

sorry, you mean you checked my site?

I see no scroll bar on my Android. But I do see an issue with your mobile menu. Your fixed search (magnifying glass icon) on the left side blocks the “More” text in your menu. You might want to center your dropdowns in the mobile menu, as you’ve centered all your other menu links.

thank you for the heads up on my menu! I will do that as soon as possible! about the bottom scroll: the scroll bar on the bottom shows up when I am checking the site for responsiveness while minimizing the site on an browser; why is that? can you please checked it!

@oscarmedinasgroup yes, I checked your site and no issues in Firefox or Chrome on Mac devices.

tank you again. But I happens at my end. Thanks anyway!

I checked in Chrome and Firefox on Windows and no issue with horizontal scroll bar.

Which browser are you using?

If you’re in Chrome, have you tried clearing your browser cache? Hit F12 and then right-click the refresh icon and choose Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

Thank you! I checked on Firefox and in there it doesn’t happen. Again thank you an have a good week!