scroll-behavior: smooth; - Not allowed, why?

I am currently using a jquery script to enable smooth scrolling. I just discovered the CSS "scroll-behavior: smooth;" but BSS keeps red-lining it when I add it to my customStyles.css file. I've added it to the html tag, body, tag, and others but BSS doesn't like it. Why not?

Best way to get help with this is to have your site uploaded and paste a link here so people can check the code. I'm pretty sure you need to override another code that has more weight than yours does, but without looking at the code it will be hard for anyone to know what the issue is or if you did it correctly or not.

It's a work-in-progress, here's what I have so far:

ok, first thing I see, without having found the code you say you added to the HTML, is that your CSS is not ordered correctly. Your custom CSS file should be the last thing on the list of CSS files in the HEAD. To do this, in the Design Pane on the right, right click over the word Styles at the top of the Styles tree. Choose the last choice that says include order in it. Now drag and drop these to put them how you need them. For the most part your custom one needs to be last. The rest you can order according to if they are working or not, but usually you don't have to reorder those often at all.

That should fix your issue.

I didn't notice that, I just assumed the custom CSS file would be last. Thanks for spotting that. Does that explain why I can't add the

html {scroll-behavior: smooth;}

into the file?

It doesn't seem to matter what order the CSS files are loaded, I'm unable to add the html {scroll-behavior: smooth;} without BSS red-lining it. Why is that?

Looks like a bug to me. BSS is not complete and (still) doesn't allow some tags/properties/elements to be used. At least if I got right what you want to do, as defined here:

enter image description here

The other thing to keep in mind also is that even though it may "red-line" it out, that doesn't mean it won't work. It can also mean that BSS may not allow/acknowledge/understand what it is. The best way to know if it is going to work is to set it up and add it to your pages and upload it and see if it works. My guess is that if you have it set up correctly and it's valid code from Bootstrap or CSS it should work.

@jo that's an additional 'bug', or if you prefer visual inconsistency, that a stroke-through css elements gets exported as valid code when marked as invalid (red) but an element stroke-through because unselected gets exported as a comment. .

enter image description here

I better go back and recheck my code for any other red-lined elements I assumed were commented.

Sorry for the confusion. We will update the styles of the commented and error properties to make them easier to tell apart. We haven't added scroll-behavior to the app as it looks to be not fully supported yet.