Scroll to a place on the same page.

I'm trying to set my navigation links to scroll my page to certain divs on the same page. I'm using a JavaScript plugin: fullpage.js and I've managed to get it working. The only thing left is the linking. I'm a BSS newbie. Thanks.

You don't need to use a plugin of any kind to make that work, that's typical HTML anchor behavior and is pretty easy to set up. Check this page for more assistance on that:

This page explains it (scroll down to the part that explains about "Bookmarks with ID's and Links":

This page gives a good example on how it works.

Keep in mind that you can move that ID tag anywhere on the page so don't be afraid to stick it in the middle of a paragraph (vertically that is) if you are trying to line up the part of page better that then land on. Also keep in mind that the example is backwards from what you are probably wanting to use, that one is sending people back to the top (also a very good use of the anchor links), so you'll want your links in your nav or links at the top of your pages, and the ID's to be lower on the page, so they will be the other way around.

Hope that helps!