Scrollspy activates links erratically

It seems like Scrollspy activates the links in a very erratic manner. I’ve made a test site here..

Clicking the menu links activates the links correctly, but on my widescreen 24" monitor, clicking the Forth Section link activates the Fifth Section link in the Navbar.

Scrolling all the way to the bottom of the footer and then scrolling back up into the Sixth Section never activates the Sixth Section link. If you scroll to the bottom of the footer and then click the Sixth Section link, it will scroll to the correct place, but it will activate the Fifth Section link!

If I reduce the width of my browser window and scroll back and forth just slightly between the First and Second Sections, or the Second and Third Sections, sometimes the links deactivate and don’t reactivate (seems to depend on viewport width.)

I’m not sure if this is how it’s supposed to behave, but it seems like the standard Scrollspy configuration is kind of useless if this is how it works.

This appears to be an issue with Scrollspy itself. They recommend using the rootMargin and threshold options to get the required behavior.

Maybe we need to add options for rootMargin and threshold, right now they can only be set from the attributes panel.

Thanks for the quick reply Martin. Based on what I read in the link you posted, it seems like the only way to resolve this is by setting custom parameters.

I’ll probably just forego using Scrollspy for now. It’s a nice concept, but if it can’t be implemented in a simple fashion, it’s really not worth my time. I don’t think it’s crucial to the UX. Maybe others can share their thoughts?