SCSS Editor tweaks


2 minor tweaks to the scss editor would help a lot.

  1. Code completion like in the css editor. In the css editor I get code completion on my property names as I type, but not in the scss editor.
  2. Prettify - the ability to prettify both css and scss. The editor tries to indent as I type, but I cannot find any way to force prettifying the text once it goes out of format. Happens a lot as I cut and paste.

If I've missed some setting (very possible) I apologize.

Love the product. Been using it a week and greatly improved my productivity.


Dave Stephenson

I haven't yet started working with Sass yet (ya I know don't shoot me lol, I'm old :P ), so I'm not sure how that all works in BSS. I've got it installed though! lol, quite some time ago, just haven't taken the time to learn much about it yet.

What I'm not sure of is where the issue is for the "prettifying in the CSS? When I copy and paste classes, whether full or just attributes, it always puts things as they need to be, there's not ever been any case where I needed to do much other than maybe removing an attribute or adding one. I've never needed to do anything to make it "look" nicer. Can you elaborate on that for those of us that aren't doing Sass yet?

++1 on the Code Completion, if it's in the CSS setup, it should definitely be in the Sass setup.

I'd prefer external editor (atom, sublime etc) support for CSS. Once @martin said it will be implemented. So we use our favorite linter, beautify function, sorting etc

ohhhh I think I understand? You are talking about making the text prettier with coloring it etc.? If so then absolutely +++1 for that too!

well, IIRC martin also said that multi-monitor support will be implemented, so don't hold your breath, it's a long waiting list. In the meantime, you can edit CSS files using your favorite editor, and then paste (or import) back into BSS.