Search componets imporvement

I'd like to propose improvement in "Search components" field: It would be nice if we can search different components using || (OR), for example:

label || input -> should give us result with label and input components.

+1 for more search criteria no matter how it's done lol. There's a lot of things that could/should be done to that system. Many ways to search would be helpful other than just a single word/phrase:

Possibles could/should be:

  • Component type (nav, slider, lightbox, etc.)
  • Author
  • Component position (head, footer, content, sidebar, etc.)
  • Year (year added or last updated if there's an update system in place)
  • Bootstrap Version (3, 4, 5, etc.) And I'm sure there are many more we could come up with. These could be added to the system that @ivankol is suggesting to give us the ability to search by multiple criteria.

Another possibility would be for a Tag system. The authors could add tags to the components and the users could use a popup/dropdown tag menu to click check boxes on for specific tags. Tag systems can work pretty good as long as the authors follow the protocol and mark them correctly.