Search Input

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to you because the search input command doesn't work... or better maybe it's my fault that I don't understand how it works... in practice I would like the search input to search for terms in the titles of the various articles on the blog

thank you in advance for your help


Presumably you're talking about a search element in one of the template designs.

Bootstrap Studio builds static, "front-end" websites. Blogs and search capabilities require a database and the ability to search the database using back-end functionality. Boootstrap Studio does not do this. The "search" you are seeing in the website design is for appearance only. To make it functional, you would have to create the back-end and code to "connect" it all together.

aww ok.. so let's googlin.. sorry but it's my first with BSS , it's difficult? thank you for your help

You might want to look at this...

Unless you're building your site with a dynamic builder/CMS (ex. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc) that uses a database to store and deliver the page content, you won't have a lot of options for "add on" search tools. Google is one solution. I've personally never built a website with an internal search feature because I've never had a client request it. But if I did, I'd probably look at the Google solution.

WOW this is what i needed

TY really much i appreciate ittt