Search & Replace [added in 4.4.3]

It would be nice to have a "Search & Replace" feature that would do the obvious. Example. We have an app of about 175 screens and on 125 of them this is a specific content text string (phone number). When we duplicate that app and create a new one, we would like to S&R the phone number replacing it with a new number. A global S&R would be great to have for content and code in the custom code pages.

You kind of have that with using the Paste Linked feature.

Where the phone number is, put it in a SPAN then copy/paste linked to where ever you want/have that number so that you can edit the number once and all Paste Linked versions of it are automatically updated. You edit just 1 number anywhere on the site and all occurrences of it are changed. No need to search for them all but obviously the initial find of all the occurrences that is for changing them to the paste linked.


linking is useful if you know what you might change over time. As I understand. But if you for example misspelled some critical word in all pages (in text) and need to correct it 'Find and Replace' would be a huge time saver. This seems like great idea. I'm actually surprised it's not in BSS. Luckily I did not need it yet.

What is the "copy/paste linked" action that is being referenced. Got any step-by-step info on how that is done?

Here is the tutorial and a post from me on doing it as well


What it's for is to create linked components similar to Dreamweaver's library setup where you can do things like a Footer and link them all together on all the pages so that no matter which one you update, it will update all the ones that are linked. Typically used for sidebars, footers, and Headers/Nav etc. so that you don't have to update every page separately. A sort of master pages without having to have a master page :)