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Hello, I am fairly new to BSS and I saw this cool Navbar with a search function in a Bootstrap template and I was wondering if someone here could help me to do this in BSS.

The Navbar in the template looked like this:

When something should be Searched it looks like this:

So the Search pops up under the Navbar

And in Mobile Mode it looks like this:
Navbar mobile width Search Closed

and open like this:

Is there some way I can do this in BSS and with the Reflow Search?

Thanks in Advance
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Yes it possible. You would probably want to convert the html using the making sure to enclose the code in a body tag else a no go for conversion.

Replace the search div with the reflow product search. Then you will have to manually add or remove the “show” class on the div with id searchCollapse in order to do any selecting or editing of the reflow settings. Remember to remove “show” before exporting or publishing.

I do not have reflow so it does not show the search but its there if you use your browser inspector.

This is title (

@twinstream Thank you so much, this is exactly what i need. Could you maybe upload this as a component as it looks really confusing when using the converter

Thanks in Advance
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