Searching in CSS is very slow


I have a large CSS file (from Metronic Theme) and is around 49000 lines.

If I search for single selector - It takes 25 seconds to find the result - See video below - Searching takes from 00:13 to 00:38 on my stopwatch app.

If I have the file opened, the interface is also very sluggish.

Regards, Michael

An example of the sluggish interface is that from I click the loupe icon to search (around 00:02 on my stopwatch) it takes until 00:09 to show the search field - And I then paste the search string in - because typing is also slow.

Here is another video showcasing the problem:

And a bug report has been sent as well

Thank you for reporting this and providing a video! We will be improving the search speed in future releases.

Not sure if the file you're importing is a complete Bootstrap theme, but if it is, the recommended way is to import it as a Custom Theme from the Settings dialog. Otherwise you end up with two Bootstrap files at the same time.