Second issue found with 5.4.0 release [fixed in 5.4.1]

When the panel is attached, you can highlight a rule with the mouse and copy/paste it to another class via ctrl/c > ctrl/v

When the panel is detached, if you highlight a rule with the mouse, it instantly causes the highlighted rule to de-highlight, and produces a new, blank rule underneath it. You cannot copy/paste, because nothing is selected.

I reported this on the Bug submission on the home page, but wanted to see if anyone else can confirm. Windows 7 machine.

Here's a video to show the problem...

Mac version seems to be ok on this, doesn't have this issue. I know right? Just get a Mac! :P lol j/k and just wanted to verify it is working as intended on Mac High Sierra version.

It's very frustrating because I WANT this feature so bad! It's so helpful to me to have this panel on my other screen, but until it's working correctly, it's more frustrating than helpful. I wonder what computers ? the developers mainly use?