Seems all Bootstrap Studio Hosted websites of mine(and my partner) are down

I get a 521 error from Cloudflare for all my websites and my partner’s. Is there a timeline on a fix for this issue? This also makes me wonder about the reliability of your hosting but this is also the first time I have noticed this happening.

Thank you for your time and for this amazing platform and app; hopefully everything is sorted quickly!

I have an alert from just about an hour ago. Confirms that the my customer’s site is down as well. I have logged tickets with support in the past and they have always been excellent. But I will repeat the same thing they said:

For the price of the app, CF and Hosting if your customer is that critical, best to host somewhere else.

I can’t agree more. We get a lot for the $ we spend with BSS. And when the sites are up and running, there is no faster display.

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Absolutely! Was just wondering how long does it take normally for them to fix this up, it’s not incredibly critical for me at the moment thankfully but it’s a nice bonus to have this free hosting!

From your experience how long does it take for the servers to get back up and running & how frequent does this happen?

Typically within a couple of hours. 5.25pm in NZ here. Alert was at 4.26. I’ll get an alert when they are back up.

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Nice to see another NZ’er here :grin:

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Seems to be working now.

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Thank you for the report! We were aware of the problem and the service was restored. It was caused by someone doing a DOS attack on one of the bss design websites. We do have measures to deal with this but it turns out it wasn’t enough. We will investigate what other tools we can employ to guard against this type of abuse.

All instances of down time for the service have always been due to abuse of websites. We may split them into a separate server from the custom domains to contain the problem.


Thanks Martin. I got my OK alert just after 7.00pm NZST.

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