Select Parent automatically on ESC

When pressing ESC you could go to the immediate parent until you reach the top parent. This would be very handy and productive having to right click and click the Select parent is too much !

Thank you

let me get this straight .... It's too much work for you to right click and make a choice, but it's not as much work to have to lift your hand to hit the Escape key on your keyboard? lol

Sorry, had to laugh at this one just a little bit because I feel your pain to a degree, but in this case I don't see either one being a benefit over the other, takes as much effort either way and to be honest I prefer to click my mouse rather than the keyboard if I can do what I need in just a couple clicks or less. Just my opinion.

Also, Escape is probably tied to a lot of other things as well so I am not sure how easily this could be done.

Keep in mind that you can also go to the top right of your BSS window, just under the Look & Feel/Options/Animation tabs and click the place you want to be as well. That there will list parent items usually quite a ways up so that might help too.

AND ... lol, you can also use the little arrow in the Preview window in the little blue box in the top left of what you have selected. That will also click you up the tree to previous parent items. :)

LOL, funny, I can arg on this when you have to do a LOT of changes at many levels for many elements. We are talking about being productive not constanly bringing a context menu which is by the way 2 clicks multiply by the number of element you have to work with and you add to this the work of navigation from pane to pane to change things. This little thing called ESC, I tried in the designer and it serves no purpose so your assumption that it could be tied to something else well you have to tell me what it is.

Finally it was just an idea.

Even having a COLLAPSE / EXPAND option in the Overview would definitely help because after a while it's a mess and we have to collapse each little branch one by one to be able to see correctly where we are but this is another story (idea if I should say)

Another thing, I can use the overview to go from parent to parent but at some point after a lot of work, many things are expanded and well, how to say, it's a bit hard to see where you are, anyway I just wanted to point out this fact.

The worst idea I've ever seen here lol. We need something else than your "esc" XD

I can see the desire for keyboard navigation if you're accustomed to using programs that support this. For instance, I have massively remapped my Keyboard in Photoshop so that I can use both hands at once to be much more productive than I would be without such customization ability. I think there is some merit to the idea of being able to navigate the Overview tree with the keyboard (though I'm not fond of using the esc key for this. Perhaps the arrow keys would be better suited?)

@mroussel Bootstrap Studio is a continuously evolving program, so post your ideas and if the devs feel they have merit, they may add them. I've already seen a number of ideas I've proposed included in program updates.

I know I have previously requested a collapse/expand all feature on the Overview panel. I believe that would be quite useful.

The esc-key is a weird one to define.

Sometimes it un-does changes, and sometimes it completes them on exit. I think your suggestion makes sense.

I always use both hands as much as possible for productivity when using the computer. Things get done faster and a oneness with what I am doing sort of gels and somehow there is less to think about.

Little things although slight can make a difference.

I actually like the idea of the arrow keys. Using the Up/Down keys would even make sense to a newbie I'm thinking. I do see your point when you're talking about being really deep into the structure with not always knowing where you are, had that happen to me yesterday a few times working with a large Tab component which can get pretty messy.

Strangest request I've seen in a while, but I do see the justification for it now.

I think I like the arrow keys too. ;)

Escape is not the ideal key to use. It's just not intuitive.

I can see the arrow keys being used for basic up-down child traversal, and maybe CTRL+up-arrow-key for immediately jumping to the parent.

Using CTRL+up-arrow-key avoids having to go through multiple children (and their children) to get to the parent element. (eg. you're currently on the last element in a div, and you have to keep going up-up-up-up until you get to that parent div).

I would also suggest a key bind for select-previous-selected-element.

We have comprehensive keyboard navigation key bindings in the latest editions of the app. You can see them in our keyboard shortcuts page.

@michael-rooplall I like the idea about selecting the previously selected element. This will give users the option to switch between two selected elements quickly. I am adding it to our todo.