Selecting a medium font weight using Font Weight


Trying to use Roboto Medium as a font after importing it using ',500 Am however unable to select it using font weight in style attributes. Can I only use this by setting up a CSS Block?

Thanks Arjan

Not sure but I think only including values 400,500 is limiting you.

Some info on font-weight


So it's not really the limitation as I described, it's using the font-weight properly.

With some testing I was able to import that font and then set the body element to use that font-family. With a clean slate project I had dragged in a Hero component to test with.

But with all the base styling from bootstrap, you have to pick a specific element that you want to override. And you have to use correct font-weight coding, such as medium not being a valid value. I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish with medium, as I would assume medium being the default which is value 400 or normal. With the link I posted you should get a better understanding of correct font-weight coding.


Ignore this - just saw that saj covered it