Semi-dynamic sites

I used and abandoned 10 years ago WEBDEV a French software still marketed at an exorbitant price.
One of their always existing options and the creation of semi-dynamic sites.

The principle is simple for blogs, SQL tables are defined on the developer’s workstation to define tables and initialize SQL tables.
When publishing, loops on the data generate HTML code.

Another module (simplified back-office) could be sold with subscription by BSS to each end customer:

  • To enter data into tables based on developer-defined models.
  • To publish these changes and article additions.
  • The published site is always in HTML.
  • Adding new SQL tables would not be possible by the client.

The goal would not be to get completely dynamic sites, but to have blog modules accessible to customers without web development skills.

This blog option could be sold separately with a lifetime license for developers.
Each site sold by a developer and using this option would generate additional revenue for BSS.

This is only an idea to add power to BSS while remaining simple.