Send email form via Whatsapp

Hi, I’ve been searching for days and I haven’t found anything I could use.
I need to get the data from the fields of the email form and send it to a message on Whatsapp, I know how to create a button to send messages to Whatsapp, what I don’t know is to take the data from the form fields and insert it in the message that will be sent.

So u “know” how to make the button to send it to Whatsapp, but u dont how to take values from inputs? Thats a cap, so basically u found out a code for the button, but u dont know how to take info from inputs ?

Just use pure JavaScript, first take the elements(inputs) and make a new variable for each value or sum or use framework like vue and in the button put the variables values and thats it, lol

If the friend can post an example using just the name, email and message fields it would help me.
Link to the button is this: Share on WhatsApp

See here
It’s very simple.

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Thanks, I will test and report the result.

Thank you very much for the help, it worked perfectly.
If you know where there’s one for Telegram, I’ll thank you again.

You are too lazy, my friend. Look at the Google search, everything has been there for a long time.