SEO RAPORTS - hosting bootstrap robots and sitemap

My hosting is bootstrap default. I don not have other hosting. I do Seo Report and some of point, says:

1)SITEMAP Yes i click a button to generate sitemap, but even that, the seo report SEO RAPORT SAYS: link this page to a sitemap.html --> What dose it mean ? What i shoud do else?

2)robots.txt file not found - how i can upload robots.txt file using bootstrap hosting ?

Anyone can help ? Thanks

Ad.1)Resolve Log to google search console tool. From Left Menu --> SiteMap Put your domain/sitemap.xml, and is done. Sitemap 17 maj 2020 17 maj 2020 Sukces

What about Robots? i dont see the option.

Unless you specifically want Google to not index specific pages of your website, you don't need a robots.txt file. That is just a plain text file that instructs the Google website crawler that indexes your site to ignore specific pages. It's not mandatory, and not having one will not hurt your SEO. Having a sitemap is important, because it tells Google and other search engines how your site's pages are organized. Typically it's an .xml, and Bootstrap Studio will automatically generate and upload your sitemap with your website.

But keep in mind, there is a lot more to SEO than just having a site map. You need to have your page titles in place. Your keywords in your headings and content. Your internal links. Your backlinks. Your social media presence. Google analytics and webmaster tools. Test your site on Google pagespeed insights to make sure it loads quickly and other things.

And here's hoping I don't get a reputation for writing off topic, but Neil Patel has a good, FREE, course on SEO available now.

Neil Patel knows his stuff, but it's basically nothing you can't learn from following Google's SEO guide. There are so many badly done websites out there that it's relatively easy to outrank local competition for your clients. Of course, getting to the top on national or global organic searches is no easy task. That's where you really have to study SEO relentlessly (like Patel.)

@Printninja, i'm so glad that You are here... Yes I try to introduce everything you wrote. Most are well described but not everything is immediately clear to me. For beginner web developer.

For SEO, for start i use this "tool" This give me idea where i can improve my web, and mostly all what Printninja wrote was there.

Now i remove temporary metadata from google search console, and i will index one more time... I have new title, new description, keyword in h1 h2 h3.

There is a few more thing to do, but i don't know how to make this yet... and this will be another topic. Before my changes i got score from this tool 57/100, my target is around -- > 70-80 / 100 - it would be great to achieve this.


Here are a couple of things I noticed that you can do right away to improve your page's SEO...

  1. Your the logo in your header should link to your home page. Right now it does not seem to have a link assigned to it.
  2. The images on your page are MUCH too large. You need to reduce them down in a program like Photoshop so they are closer to the actual size that they are displaying on your page. For example, the logo in your header "The Stars" is 2400px wide by 2000px tall, but it's only about 100px wide in your header. This enormous size wastes bandwidth and slows down your page's loading time, especially on mobile devices, which is a big SEO penalty from Google. It also uses up excessive data on people's data plans. The same goes for the picture of the band.
  3. Your page has two <h1> tags. This is bad. You should never have more than one <H1> tag per page. This will hurt your SEO. You can have as many of the other heading tags as you like, but only one <h1>
  4. I'm not exactly sure how you did it, but the list of bullet point text is embedded in an <h3> tag. You shouldn't mix lists in with headings.
  5. Your image is missing an alt tag. All images should have alt tags for best SEO
  6. You are using inline styles all over your page. This is poor practice and makes your code excessively large, harder to edit. You should have all you CSS styling in external stylesheets.

I know you are a beginner, but these are mistakes you can't keep making if you want to become a successful web developer as a career.

Thank you for reponse, i will back in this topic after changes.

I don't know if it's necessarily true that one should have ALL one's styling in external stylesheets -- there's still a case for using inline and internal stylesheets, it's just that one has to bear in mind the "cost" (editing time and speed of processing) and the "particular vs general" purpose to which they're applied -- you might benefit from reading this or this

@Printninja ?

You Guys "reading my mind", the 6 point was only the one what was rally not so much clear for me... Thank you for article i will start from this to better understand what you mean.

Anyway.: 1) Done 2) Resize logo - done 3) Video issue from other topic done 4a) I didn't know about that h1 only one time. I fix that... Only one h1 per page. + also add keyword to first h123 . 4b) mixlist now dont have h3 tag, i was change this manualy from custom code, but roll back that. 5) I add alt tag. 6) I have to read about that... Not sure how to cleanup.

I do report SEO again now is 71/100 very good. Thank you. I have to check one more times maybe i can go even higher.

I'm going to add in for Number 6 that most likely you changed your styles using the Options tab for the Look and Feel and didn't set those to go to a CSS file. IF you don't set that up each session, so that it goes to a CSS file, then anything you change there will automatically be applied as "inline" styling (within the HTML tags) and won't be added to a CSS page.

I DO believe that you may be able to apply any inline styles you have to a CSS file even after they are applied, but I'm not 100% sure of that. You can try it and see.


From your two article links...

1) "Ultimately, we recommend not using inline styles for your web pages because they cause problems and make the pages a lot more work to maintain. The only time we use them is when we want to check a style quickly during development. Once we've got it looking right for that one element, we move it to our external style sheet.

2) "CONCLUSION Sometimes, inline styles are necessary. If you are building a web page by hand, however, you should avoid them whenever possible. Using a separate CSS file is the most powerful and flexible method."

Inline styles are just bad practice and should be avoided in all but the most unusual and specific circumstances. I don't think Kamil's website qualifies as such. He should use an external style sheet.

@Printninja no doubt you're right. Just like always and never -- one should always do something except in those circumstances where you would never do it. I was trying to think of some situation "most unusual and specific", and owe it to the article for mentioning a couple of those -- they largely lie outside my experience, and my knowledge / experience of CSS is too limited to think of others.

I won't say I have never used inline code, but it's almost always when it's a temporary thing (a site that I know is going down, or to be rebuilt soon) or if I'm using some code that was generated/exported by a third-part plug-in/widget/gallery type thing, because I don't feel like redoing all the code some other program created.

But in terms of BSS, I would never use inline CSS when stylesheet editing is built right into the program.

  • Step by step i add mostly recommend it things.
  • Score go higher from 57 to 71 max 100.Still fighting for some point.
  • Just clear metadata in google search console, and waiting for index again, becouse until now, the google not update title and description... :(

Inline CSS is one of my priority, to understand why i have, because i don't think that i create by my self... Maybe BSS studio create this when i do some changes in option , and how to clean up now.

Please see my post above, it tells you the most possible reason you have inline CSS.

@Jo yes of course Thank you for that...