Separated Text Editor

I know Bootstrap Studio is focused on drag and drop, but I think this would be a good resource for the app. There's already an editor in Bootstrap Studio, but you can only use it with a .bsdesign file. It'd be nice if we could use the editor separated as a text editor to edit file like .html .css .js, so we don't need to use other programs. For example, adding some options on the "File" menu like "Create New File", "Open File", etc, besides "Create New Design". Sorry if this has already been mentioned.

Preachin' to the choir @Rdbo, many have asked for that for over 3 years now. I don't know their plans on it so I can't say if they will or won't add it, just that a lot have asked for that feature.

You can create new .css files and new .js files by right clicking on Styles or Javascript in the design panel. For obvious reasons you can't create new HTML files because that's the whole purpose of the program. There are already great free text editors out there for these purposes... Visual Studio, Atom, Notepad++ If I really want to do heavy coding, I'd rather work in one of them than something that's shoehorned into BSS.

@Printninja That's the point, I think Bootstrap Studio, besides the drag and drop, can handle with Text/Code editing, as it already has an editor. They just have to implement a separated one from the Design Editor. As you said, there are a lot of other programs that can do this, but I personally think that it's better doing all in one program, as I know adding a separated editor is completely possible. With the separated text editor, Bootstrap Studio could replace pretty much any program for creating web apps. I really hope they add this feature, it would be very helpful.

Oh, just one more thing. If you have watched the Bootstrap Studio tutorials, then you might have seen that sometimes they're using Sublime Text to show their code. This would not be necessary if Bootstrap Studio had a separated Text Editor, and I think it would increase the amount of people who would get interested in this program.

I think the appeal of BBS is that coding is not a requirement, and while I'm certainly amenable to a code editor built into the program, if I need something that is not easily supported in BSS, I just fire up Atom or Notepad and write my own code anyway.

I tried to steer clear of node.js, but finally succumbed! Too much to do and no tools to do it.

BSS is great, but after 25 years of professional experience as a programmer, I felt like I was in a cage, and I was!

I've had to break free, and it's a pain working in two apps that don't exactly talk to each other...

-You do what you have to do.

note: I have been fully retired from programming for 15 years and was called back by a previous employer for 7 months in 2006. It's great to finally see everything coming together in codeland.