Separation of Search between BSS components and Online components

I've only recently started using the search feature in BSS, usually I just slide down the list to find what I want and I guess I'm going to have to go back to that unless something is done here to separate these searches. If I'm not on the Online tab, I most certainly am not wanting to search that tab. This search for me is almost useless set up this way as I have to wade through all the online and BSS components, way worse than trying to just find it in the normal components list manually.

Please separate those searches so we can find things easier. Truly I don't even recall that search working this way when I was checking it out a little while back.

I'm confused. If you search with the Studio tab selected, the search is constrained to BSS components only (and your own library). If you select the online tab, then the search is constrained to online components. Are you saying you're getting results from BOTH at the same time?

Well see that's what I thought it did before too, but it's not doing that on Mac version. When I'm on the Studio tab it's searching online and offline all at the same time.

I did forget in my last post to say it was Mac version too, sorry for missing that.

Huh... so this must be a Mac only problem you've just discovered, just as I discovered the Style panel problem that only affects Windows. The search is still working as it always has on my Windows machine.

You best report this as a bug, or post in the new release section so the devs can see, since it's clearly something new and related to the Mac version.

Hmm good point, I'll go reference this post as I didn't know it was a bug till today LOL. Thanks for your help on it :)

EDIT: After looking more closely at it, I realized that it's not doing online components, but including those I downloaded as well as those internally installed. I guess it may be working as intended, but I know I've done searches before and dont recall it putting the installed online components in there. Guess it kind of makes sense that it does now that I see what it's doing.

So .... Let me revamp my original Request:

Please give us a check box or toggle or something in the search setup so we can search "only" the built in components. I don't know about everyone else, but when I'm looking for the "row" and it brings up 15 things in the list (and of course it scrolls to the bottom of the list instead of the top where the built in ones are, it was a bit confusing. I don't want to have to wade through all those things to get to the basic components. Hopefully there's a way to do something with this. Maybe add a separate search bar above the built in components? That for me would be perfect!

Sorry about the confusion, but I was confused! LOL.

This is why I'd like the ability to create a "favorites" folder of components, where one would be able to put our most often used components... for me that'd be stuff like container, heading, paragraph, image, button, row, column, div, custom code, modal... etc. while also being able to have an "unused" folder to put all the components I virtually never use. Stuff like Navigation and Footers I already have setup and saved in my user library.

There is just so much in the Studio tab that I leave collapsed and never use, like Form, Projects, Team, Headers, Structure, Sidebar, Highlights, Articles, Features... basically all the pre-built stuff that a beginner might go to in order to get started quickly, but I would never use any of these stock-looking things on my client's sites.

I wish I could create folders in the Studio Tab and organize our components how we see fit. Unclutter the Studio tab.

Guess I should make this a wish?


Yeah that would be nice too, but my main issue here is being able to just find the base component pieces rather than anything already put together (in other words, not the UI or my own downloaded/saved area). I don't need to search those, I have them categorized exactly how I need them so I can find what I need pretty much instantly, but from "Text" on down that tree, that's where the search should start for just raw components (I say raw for lack of a better word for already complete component setups like what you find in the UI section.

You have no idea how many components I have saved and downloaded and categorized, and since I can't change the names of them, if they have the word in the title that I'm searching for, I have to scroll back up the list to get to the raw components, which I may as well just slide down the list and find them myself then.

I understand that there is click sensitive suggestions, and that's really nice too, but ... sometimes we don't have something to click on to bring up what we're looking for. We know what we're looking for, just not always exactly where it is on the tree list of components.

I guess in the end, what I'm asking for is the Search feature to "Not" search in the User, Downloaded or UI sections of the Studio pane for ease of finding the items we need for structuring things ourselves. Everything else should be already organized by the user so they can find them easy, if they aren't then well... that's their fault LOL. :P